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A car is an everyday companion. It provides comfort and convenience for everyday travels and maybe longer trips out of town. However, having car means and additional and a whole new responsibility- keeping up with maintenance, gas, air, and cleaning. Raking your car with you on an everyday basis can easily end up with your car being a storage area, a dining area and everything in between when you are in and out of work, without extra time to tidy up and organize your car. This can easily get out of control. Even the most responsible car owner can have these things get out of hand at times. Being busy can get in the way of keeping things in tip top shape. When it comes to this, that’s when you contact professionals to do the job for you.

Car detailing is a full blown cleaning process that allows professionals to restore your car’s interior and exterior by using special tools and equipment to ensure a deep clean and a totally like new appearance. Car detailing involves light touch ups on the interior such as fixing paint chips or swirls for a buffed and shiny car. People might think about getting an ordinary car wash instead of paying more for professional car detailing. There is a huge difference between the two. The price range can instantly highlight that. Car washes only gives a fraction of what car detailing can do. Car detailing is an altogether deeper and more detailed cleaning process. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as headlight restoration, car interior cleaning, and boat detailing.


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Car detailing involves two main processes:

  1. Interior car detailing- this involves vacuuming the flooring, getting rid of stains, leather cleaning and fixes, polishing and buffing plastic and wooden parts, and cleaning the windows. This is recommended for cars where staining has been a huge issue. Staining left in the surfaces of a car for a long period of time needs special solvents and equipment to get them out and professional car detailers know what needs to be done and how to do them properly.
  2. Exterior detailing- this involves getting the exterior of the car thoroughly cleaned and stripped of dust, dirt, and grease. After that, special tools are used to get really deep into cleaning the outside of the car, including the wheels, nuts and bolts, and brake calipers, ensuring that the exterior gets as clean as possible. Following the deep cleaning will be the claying (this removes tighter dirt that was not removed by the deep cleaning), buffing and polishing and lastly, the waxing. Waxing gives an additional layer of protection for your car and gives that brand new looking shine.

With all the steps being mentioned, it can be said that car detailing is a very meticulous and exhaustive job and it is definitely worth the price you will pay for. There are other advantages of getting your car professional detailed as well. First, it increases car value. If you are looking into getting your car sold, it is best that you let it undergo professional car detailing. That way, your vehicle has a higher reselling price. Second, car detailing gives protection to your car. With all the waxing and resealing methods done, this will allow your car paint to be shinier and last longer. Lastly, it becomes one less thing to worry about. Your once cluttered car will be cleaned, allowing you to drive in peace without the additional visual noise that can be distracting.

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EMS Airmen restore F-86 Sabre

When you think now is the time for professional car detail, call on us, Car Detailing Pembroke Pines FL. We are a company that specializes in car cleaning and detailing. In the business for over ten years, we have worked with different clients, most of whom come back to us every few years for re service. We have a great team who will always be happy to serve you. Our business is geared towards providing great quality service for a fair price and doing all of these with integrity. That’s how we gain our clients’ confidence in us. We make sure that they know we do everything we can to get the job done. Our goal is to not only meet our clients’ expectations but as much as possible, we do what we can to exceed their expectations every time they have their car serviced at our company.

Our car detailers are knowledgeable and experienced, undergoing years of training before being placed in the workforce. We work with them closely to ensure that the quality of service provided is consistent and meets our clients’ expectations. We assure you that our on site staff is professional and approachable and they make sure they get everything the clients want perfectly. They know what needs to be done and how to do it right. Coupled with proper and state of the art equipment, our clients can be confident that their car will look perfect at the end of every service.

Our office based staff is also competent and well trained. Being on the front line of our services, they know how big the responsibility they have is. When you call our company, you will be able to talk to a professional and knowledgeable customer service employee who is able to answer queries, give you quotes and will work with you closely to schedule an appointment. Our customer service staff has undergone training and are experienced in dealing with different kinds of customers. They will always be approachable, patient and willing to answer whatever question you have.

So, when in need of professional car cleaning and detailing, call on us today. We will always take what you want and need into consideration to ensure that each service ends with our clients being happy and satisfied. With this in mind, we not only have clients to keep but we create a trusting bond with them, allowing them to have full confidence in our company and what we do. If you are looking for a company that offers high quality service with fair and competitive pricing, call on us today!

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