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Getting a boat or a yacht may seem like a totally unnecessary splurge. However, there are some people who love to go out to sea to relax and have a great time. If one can afford a boat without compromising living costs and conditions then there is definitely nothing wrong with that. People might think that buying the actual boat is the biggest responsibility in the whole process of owning a boat but, to be honest, that would probably be the easiest part. Owning a boat means additional responsibility. There are a lot of aspects of a boat that need to be checked and maintained for it to be able to run smoothly. And this is very important because no one really wants to get stranded at sea.

Additional responsibility calls for preventive maintenance jobs, cleaning, and checking if all parts of the boat are in top condition. At times, it can get really stressful especially when you do not have all of your time to give towards taking care of your boat. Juggling a family, a job, a business, a car, and everything else in between can already be stressful. What more if there is a boat that needs to be taken care of, right? Instead of rest days, weekends are used as time to do DIY maintenance and cleaning jobs that can be mediocre, or worse, damaging to your boat. A boat is an investment and we, the Mobile Car Detailing Pembroke Pines FL believe that all the measures done to preserve it should be done properly. When it comes to boat detailing and preventive maintenance, it is best to leave it to professionals. Not only does it give you one less thing to worry about but this way, a proper and thorough job is guaranteed. Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as headlight restoration and car interior cleaning.


About Our Services

Boat detailing is an in depth cleaning process allowing professionals to clean and restore your boat’s interior and exterior. Special materials and equipment are used to make your boat appear like new. Processes done in boat detailing include oxidation removal (using compound, polishing and wax), waxing of the boat’s exterior, cabin cleaning (steaming and vacuuming), a complete boat wash (with soap, scrub and dry), polishing to protect the boat’s exterior, engine system and fluid checking, and even graphic design installation. Even though all of these services are included in the process, you can also opt for each of them to be done individually, according to your boat’s condition and needs.

Boat detailing follows the following steps:

  1. Cleaning both interior and exterior- this usually sets the amount of work there is to be done. A special soap is used to clean the different areas of the boat. A complete dry follows the whole cleaning process.
  2. Buffing- this is done by using a rubbing compound and a commercial buffer on the hull of the boat. The fiberglass is also an important part to include in this step since the fiberglass is prone to oxidizing and water marks.
  3. Waxing- it is recommended that the wax brand used will be the same brand name of the cleaner used. This ensures that there will be no negative reactions between the chemicals.
  4. Shining- this is done for metal and aluminum parts that need polishing

With all these steps being mentioned, it can be seen that boat detailing is a very thorough and exhaustive process. Without proper knowledge and experience, the cleaning job may be way below boat owners’ expectations or worse, can cause damage to the boat. There are numerous advantages to getting your boat properly serviced. First, contacting a professional to clean your boat ensures hassle free and proper service. Second, a new boat detailing job is recommended before putting your boat out in the market. This increases reselling value for boat owners looking to give their boats new homes, therefore letting them get the best value for what they paid for and what they used. Lastly, stress free service gives you one less thing to worry about. Especially since you know that professionals are handling your investment. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like truck detailing  and RV detailing.

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When in need of professional boat cleaning and boat detailing services, contact Boat Detailing Pembroke Pines. We are a company specializing in boat maintenance and boat cleaning services. We have been in the industry for over ten years now and throughout these numerous years of service, we have worked with different clients, different requests, and different boats. We have always left our clients happy and satisfied with our services, and they have been coming back for re service throughout the years. We make sure we do not only meet our clients’ expectations but we aim to always exceed them. After all, as a service provider, our success as a company lies in the satisfaction and testimonies of our clients.

Our team is composed of on site technicians and office based staff. Our on site technicians are trained, knowledgeable and professional, undergoing years and years of training before being placed in the front line of our team. They will definitely be able to get the job done properly. We always work closely with them since their performance is what the clients get to see and judge. Our on site staff is also very approachable. They will always communicate with the client to make sure that they get what they want properly and they get all the details right.

Our office based staff is also competent and efficient. Being in the first line of service, they know how important it is to be prompt and knowledgeable in answering calls, giving quotes, setting appointments and dispatching the technicians. They are well trained and they know how big their responsibility is. They will talk to you professionally and will be very patient in answering questions so there will be no need to hesitate in asking questions. 

So, when in need of professional boat cleaning service, call on us today! We will make sure your investment will be beautiful and spotless for whatever plans you have. Impress guests and friends with a boat looking like new. We have fair and competitive pricing which we will prove worth it with the quality of service we give. Contact us today!

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